The Statistics Seminar, 2003

24/1 Tord Rikte, Licentiatseminarium On Physical Units in Multivariate Analysis Abstract
3/2, 13:15 Ola Ingemansson och David Stenlund presenterar sitt exjobb Mathematical Evaluation of Risk Analysis Systems - a comparative study of Barra International, Inc. and UBS Warburg, ltd. Abstract
3/2, 14:15 Martin Gårdö och Per Forsgren presenterar sitt exjobb The Effect of Firm Size on Swedish Equity Returns: The Case of Up, Down, and Flat Markets Abstract
6/2, 15:15 Ullrika Sahlin presenterar sitt exjobb ANALYSIS OF FOREST FIELD DATA WITH A SPATIAL APPROACH Abstract
14/2 Carl Troein and Björn Samuelsson A new approach to Random Boolean Networks (RBNs) Abstract
21/2 Anna Hilmersson presenterar sitt exjobb Stochastic Modelling of a Sea Bed for Terrain Navigation of Submarines Abstract
28/2 Bo Söderberg, Dept. of Theoretical Physics Sparse random graphs with hidden color. Abstract
7/3 Mario Natiello Stochastic population dynamics: The Poisson approximation Abstract
14/3 Linus Nilsson presenterar sitt exjobb A Stochastical Approach to Data Mining of Control System Archives for Monitoring Purposes Abstract
21/3 Henrik Hult Multivariate regular variation for additive processes Abstract
27/3 kl. 15:15 i MH227 Karl Larsson presenterar sitt exjobb Monte Carlo Simulation of Price Sensitivities for Asian Options using Malliavin Calculus Abstract
28/3 Tord Rikte Abandoning sigma-additivity: advantages and difficulties. Abstract
11/4 Martin Sköld To Center or Not - How and When Abstract
25/4 Oskar Hagberg The Saddle Point Method and Rice's fomula Abstract
6/5 Michael Bayers presenterar sitt exjobb Multiresolution prediction of power forwards Abstract
9/5 Ole F. Christensen, Center for Bioinformatik, Aarhus Universitet, Danmark. Inference in generalised linear spatial models using MCMC. Abstract
14/5, 13:15, in MH227 Hansjoerg Albrecher,Technische Universitat Graz, Austria On Asian Option Pricing for NIG and VG Levy Processes Abstract
16/5 Anastassia Baxevani On geometry of random fields Abstract
27/5, 10:30, i M:B Graham Goodwin, Centre for Integrated Dynamics and Control, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Newcastle, Federation Fellow and Professor of Electrical Engineering, Tekn Dr HC at Lund University. Estimation with Constraints Abstract
5/6, 15:30 Håvard Rue, Institutt for Matematiske Fag, Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet Gaussian Markov Random Fields: a short introduction with some applications in spatial statistics Abstract
6/6, 10:15 i MH:A Finn Lindgren försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Stochastic Modelling and Reconstruction of Random Shapes Abstract
15-19/6 SPRUCE VI
4/9, 15:15 i MH:227 John Maindonald Predictive Accuracy in Model Assessment Abstract
5/9, kl. 10:15 i MH:C Mikael Signahl försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Topics in Simulation and Stochastic Analysis Abstract
16/9, kl. 13-15 Patrice Jabet presenterar sitt exjobb Titel och abstract meddelas senare Abstract
24/9, kl. 10:15 Johan Lindstrom presenterar sitt exjobb Statistical Aspects of Changes in Normalized Difference Vegetation Index as an Effect of Changes in Solar Zenith Angle Abstract
26/9 Ann Bergman presenterar sitt exjobb Titel och abstract meddelas senare Abstract
3/10 Workshop: Extremes of Gaussian Processes with Applications
3/10, 11:15, MH309A Per Andreas Brodtkorb, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment Numerical evaluation of singular multivariate Gaussian expectations Abstract
3/10, 13:15, MH227Cecile Mercadier Extremes of nonstationary Gaussian processes with applications to LRT Abstract
3/10, 14:00, MH227 Jean Marc Azais Eigen values and number of condition of a Gaussian matrix Abstract
10/10 Thomas Guhr, Matematisk Fysik, LTH Random Matrices (and a bit of Supersymmetry) Abstract
16/10, 15:15, MH227 Sofia Caires, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute The ERA-40 ocean wave data Abstract
17/10 Peter Vorwerk Surveys at SCB in Sweden and in developing countries with applications of math. stat. Abstract
24/10, 10:15, MH, sal C Erik Lindström, Licentiatseminarium Estimation and Model Validation for Diffusion Processes Abstract
6/11, 13:15 i MH140 Anders Persson presenterar sitt exjobb Models of Random Growth Abstract
7/11 Igor Rychlik Reliability applications of Rice's formula (Lecture 5) Abstract
14/11, 13:15 i MH:C Mats Pihlsgård, Licentiatseminarium Some Two-Barrier Problems in Applied Probability Abstract
21/11 Thomas Vallier Models of Random Graphs Abstract
5/12 Workshop Finansmote 2003
12/12 Maria Hansson Multiple Window Spectrum Analysis and some Applications Abstract
18/12 MH: 140 Jonas Berg & Torbjörn Kronblad Forecasting Electricity Spot using Futures Contracts and Energy Reservoir as External Signals A Discrete Time Heteroscedastic Approach Abstract



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