The Statistics Seminar, 2002

10-11/1Docentföreläsningar Se översikt för lista över föredragshållare och schema Översikt
18/1Peter Mörking presenterar sitt exjobbOptimization of idle-mode receiver measurements in WCDMA Abstract
Onsdagen den 23/1, kl 14:15 Nader Tajvidi, Docentföreläsning Permutation tests for equality of distributions in high-dimensional settings Abstract
25/1 Tatyana Turova Dynamical Random Graphs Abstract
1/2 Richard Wilson Segmentation of Mineral Textures Abstract
8/2 i MH:CBoualem Djehiche Modelling and managing weather derivatives Abstract
1/3, kl. 10.15 i MH:C Jesper Rydén försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Statistical Analysis of Crests and Maxima in Gaussian Seas Abstract
8/3 Jeff Steif Stationary Determinantal Processes Abstract
3/4, kl 13:15 i MH:227Niels Keiding Event history analysis and the cross-section Abstract
5/4, kl 13:15 i MH:C Jan-Olof Johansson försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Models of surface roughness with applications in paper industry Abstract
10/4, kl 13:15 i MH:227 Thomas Bengtsson Estimating Ocean Currents from Freely Floating Buoys Abstract
12/4 Anders Malmberg A Statistical Model for Wind Fields in The North Atlantic Ocean Abstract
19/4 Lars Barring Changing climate? The future of historical weather data Abstract
26/4 Per Gösta Andersson Justerade approximativa konfidensintervall baserade på punktskattningar starkt korrelerade med sina medelfel Abstract
3/5 Karl Sigman Some results/thoughts/conjectures on stability of FIFO multi-class queueing networks Abstract
7/5 Magnus Witkorsson Improved convergence rate for the approximation of SDE:s driven by subordinated Lévy processes Abstract
10/5, kl 14.15 Gennady Samorodnitsky Limits of On/Off Hierarchical Product Models for Data Transmission Abstract
17/5 Pavel Gapeev Problems of Sequential Analysis for Natural Exponential Families Abstract
24/5 i MH:A Hans Peter Bermin Notes on Fixed-Income Analysis Abstract
31/5 Marianne Månsson Random patterns of non-overlapping grains Abstract
3/6, kl 10.30 Theodor Hugosson presenterar sitt exjobb Load forecast with Neural Networks and Wavelets Abstract
3/6, kl 15.15 Hermann Thorisson More on Point-Stationarity Abstract
13/6, kl 8.45 Finn Lindgren Bayesiansk ytmodellering och Monte Carlo-rekonstruktionAbstract
13/6, kl 10.30 i MH:C Daniel Persson och Bo Sandström presenterar sitt examensarbete A wavelet based evaluation of the Head and Shoulders pattern Abstract
14/6, kl 10.30 Dishad Mohammet presenterar sitt examensarbete Computer Demonstrations on Statistical Applications Abstract
30/8 (Obs! två seminarier idag)Jimmy Olsson presenterar sitt exjobb Computational methods for Levy-driven Russian options Abstract
30/8 (Obs! två seminarier idag) Christoffer Bengtsson presenterar sitt exjobb On Portfolio Selection: Improved Covariance Matrix Estimation for Swedish Asset ReturnsAbstract
6/9 Per Runeson och Martin Host Statistik i programvaruteknik Abstract
27/9 Tobias Rydén Reversible jump and birth-and-death MCMC: theoretical connections and practical comparisons Abstract
4/10 Ziad Taib Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression (Microarray) Data Abstract
11/10 Per-Anders Ivert Heat potentials, thermal capacity and Brownian motionAbstract
18/10 Jeffrey Collamore Ruin estimates in a stochastic economic environment modulated by a general Harris recurrent Markov chain Abstract
25/10 Patrik Albin On Extremes of Stationary Gaussian ProcessesAbstract
28/10, kl 13.15 i MH:332A Dimitrios Konstantinides Estimates for the Ruin Probability in the Classical Risk Model with Constant Interest Force in the Presence of Heavy Tails Abstract
29/10, kl 15.15 Jesper Ryden On hunt for a wave climatology in the Atlantic Ocean - merging of data sources Abstract
1/11 Johan van Horebeek Modeling High Dimensional Binary Data Abstract
7/11, kl 17.15 i MH:333 Alessandro Villa Spatiotemporal firing patterns and chaotic attractors: two faces of the same coin? Experimental and theoretical hints Abstract
15/11 Mikael Signahl Numerical approximation of a white noise driven stochastic partial differential equation with non-Lipschitzean driftAbstract
22/11, kl 10.15 i MH:140 Esbjörn Johansson presenterar sitt exjobb Strategic Pricing -- Applied Statistical Equipment Finance Abstract
29/11 Niels Hansen Significant folding of random sequences Abstract
3/12, kl 15.30 i M:E Francis Sprei presenterar sitt exjobb Development of load profiles and load growth prediction models for rural electrification in Sub-Sahara countries Abstract meddelas senare
6/12 Anders Stockmarr Probabilistic Aspects of Forensic DNA Typing and Dispersal of Fungal Spores Abstract
9/12, kl 15.15Timo Koski Wolds isomorfi för cykliskt stationära följder Abstract
10/12, kl 10.15 Halfdan Grage försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Statistical modelling in chemistry Abstract
12/12, kl 13.15 i MH:C Sofia Åberg presenterar sitt exjobb Modelling and prediction of wind fields using Gaussian Markov random fields and warping Abstract
12/12, kl 14.15 i MH:C Klas Bogsjö presenterar sitt exjobb Fatigue relevant road surface statistics Abstract
18/12, kl 13.15 i MH:C Bengt Lindoff, Docentföreläsning Analysis and Experiment Design of Mobile Terminal Receivers Abstract



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