Research interests

Mathematical Statistics
Lund University


Dragi Anevski, Assistant professor (PhD 2000)
Nonparametric statistical inference

Ulla Holst , Professor (PhD 1982)
Environmental statistics, recursive estimation, robust and nonparametric statistics, inference in time variable systems and Markov-modulated processes, statistics in physics

Andreas Jakobsson, Professor (PhD 2000)
Statistical and array signal processing, detection and estimation

Jan Lanke, Professor emeritus (PhD 1975)
Survival analysis, demography, clinical trials, ordinal response variables

Anna Lindgren, Assistant Professor (PhD 1999)
Biostatistics; Regression with censored data, quantile regression

Finn Lindgren, Research associate (PhD 2003)
Markov rrandom fields in stochastic image analysis, shape modelling and reconstruction, Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation, self-regulating meshes and mesh intersection calculations

Georg Lindgren, Professor em. (PhD 1972)
Stochastic processes in engineering, extreme value theory and applications, ocean and fatigue statistics, statistical computing, hidden Markov models

Erik Lindström, Assistant professor (PhD 2004)
Diffusion processes, estimation and simulation; Financial statistics, option pricing

Johan Lindström, Research associate (PhD 2008)
Spatial statistics and statistical image analysis

Jimmy Olsson, Assistant Professor (PhD 2007)
Inference in stochastic processes

Bengt Ringnér, Assistant Professor em. (PhD 1975)
Measure theory, local probability history, financial mathematics

Maria Sandsten, Associate Professor (PhD 1996)
Statistical signal processing, Medical applications

Nader Tajvidi, Associate Professor (PhD 1996)
Extreme value theory with applications, computer intensive statistical methods

Tatyana Turova, Professor (PhD 1989)
Interacting particle systems, application of stochastic processes in neurobiology, serial rank statistics, dynamical random graphs

Magnus Wiktorsson, Assistant Professor (PhD 2001)
Simulation of stochastic differential equations, stochastic modelling with SDEs

Lena Zetterqvist, Assistant Professor (PhD 1989)

PhD students

Stefan Ingi Adalbjörnsson
Statistical signal processing applied to detection and estimation of NQR signals

David Bolin
Spatial-temporal modelling of environmental data

Mats Brodén
Financial statistics

Naveed Butt
Statistical signal processing

Peter Gustafsson
Directional statistics

Johan Sandberg
Statistical signal processing

Susann Stjernqvist
Microarray analysis

Jonas Ströjby
Modelling and prediction in non-linear stochastic systems

Jonas Wallin

Jörg Wegener
Stochastic methods for improved forecasting of extreme weather

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