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  1. Naveed R. Butt: Robust Detection and Spectral Analysis of Signals with Applications in Spectroscopy, ISBN 978-91-7473-107-1.


  1. Jörg Wegener: Noise convolution models; fluids in stochastic motion, non-Gaussian tempo-spatial fields, and a notion of tilting, ISBN 978-91-7473-032-6.
  2. Mats Brodén: Asymptotic Analysis of Hedging Errors Induced by Dicrete Time Hedging, ISBN 978-91-7473-024-1.
  3. Susann Stjernqvist : Modelling Allelic and DNA Copy Number Variations using Continuous-index Hidden Markov Models, ISBN 978-91-7473-025-8.
  4. Jonas Ströjby: On inference in partially observed Markov models using sequential Monte Carlo methods, ISBN 978-91-7473-020-3.
  5. Johan Sandberg : Discrete Stochastic Time-frequency analysis and Cepstrum Estimation, ISBN 978-91-628-8080-4.


  1. Svetlana Bizjajeva: Sequential Monte Carlo Methods with Applications to Positioning and Tracking in Wireless Networks, ISBN 978-91-628-7573-2, 145pp.
  2. Johan Lindström: Spatio-Temporal for Mixture Models and Gaussian Markov Random Fields,  ISBN 978-91-628-7502-2, 169pp.
  3. Thomas Vallier: Random graph models and their applictions, ISBN 978-91-628-7378-3, 134pp.


  1. Klas Bogsjö: Road Profile Statistics Relevant for Vehicle Fatigue, ISBN 978-91-628-7291-5, 137pp.
  2. Linda Hartman: Spatial Statistics and Ancestral Recombination Graphs with Applications in Gene Mapping and Geostatistics, ISBN 978-91-628-7266-3, 156pp.
  3. Sofia Åberg: Applications of Rice's Formula in Oceanographic and Environmental Problems, ISBN 978-91-628-7124-6, 196pp.
  4. Sara Larsson: Statistical Modelling of Cell Cycle Dynamics,  ISBN 978-91-628-7119-2, 126pp.
  5. Lars Ängquist: Pointwise and Genomewide Significance Calculations in Gene Mapping through Nonparametric Linkage Analysis, ISBN 978-91-628-7068-3, 257pp.
  6. Azra Kurbasic: Topics in Human Gene Mapping, ISBN 978-91-628-7045-4, 114pp.
  7. Jimmy Olsson: On Bounds and Asymptotics of Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Filtering, Smoothing, and Maximum Likelihood Estimation in State Space Models,
    ISBN 91-628-7048-3, 182pp.


  1. Sebastian Rasmus: Derivative Prices for Models using Lévy Processes and Markov Switching, ISBN 91-628-6946-9, 218pp.


  1. Mats Pihlsgård: Two-Barrier Problems in Applied Probability, Algorithms and Analysis, ISBN 91-628-6671-0, 142pp.
  2. Roger Halldin: Stochastic modeling and optimization under uncertainty of a hydro power system, ISBN 91-628-6539-0, 194pp.
  3. Anders Malmberg: Space-time prediction of ocean winds, ISBN 91-628-6489-0, 132 pp.
  4. Oskar Hagberg: Asymptotic expansions of crossing rates of stationary random processes, ISBN 91-628-6384-3, 129 pp.


  1. Erik Lindström: Statistical modeling of diffusion processes with financial applications, ISBN 91-628-6312-6, 162 pp.
  2. Henrik Bengtsson: Low-level Analysis of Microarray Data, ISBN 91-628-6215-4, 257 pp.
  3. Torgny Lindström: Local Polynomial Regression with Application on Lidar Measurements, ISBN 91-628-6194-8, 186 pp.
  4. Anastassia Baxevani: Modelling Sea Surface Dynamics Using Crossing Distributions, ISBN 91-628-6096-8, 186 pp.
  5. Attila Frigyesi: Topics in multifractal measures, nonparametrics and biostatistics, ISBN 91-628-5993-5, 130 pp.
  6. Fredrik Nordström: Interference Rejection and Channel Detection in Mobile Communication, ISBN 91-628-5967-6, 200 pp.


  1. Mikael Signahl: Topics in Simulation and Stochastic Analysis., ISBN 91-628-5792-4, 137 pp.
  2. Finn Lindgren: Stochastic Modelling and Reconstruction of Random Shapes., ISBN 91-628-5701-0, 150 pp.


  1. Halfdan Grage: Statistical Modelling in Chemistry. Applications to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Polymerase Chain Reaction.,  ISBN 91-628-5459-3, 190 pp.
  2. Ulla Eduarda Botelho Machado: Statistical Analysis of Non-Gaussian Environmental Loads and Responses.,      
    ISBN 91-628-5254-X, 190 pp.
  3. Sofia Andersson: Hidden Markov Models - Traffic Modeling and Subspace Methods., ISBN 91-628-5253-1, 144 pp.
  4. Jan-Olof Johansson: Models of Surface Roughness with Applications in Paper Industry., ISBN 91-628-5149-7, 129pp.
  5. Jesper Rydén: Statistical Analysis of Crests and Maxima in Gaussian Seas, ISBN 91-628-5108-X, 141pp.


  1. Lars Arvastson: Stochastic Modeling and Operational Optimization in District Heating Systems.,
    ISBN 91-628-4855-0, 232 pp.
  2. Tatjana Pavlenko: Feature Informativeness, Curse-of-Dimensionality and Error Probability in Discriminant Analysis.,
    ISBN 91-628-4775-9, 126 pp.
  3. Magnus Wiktorsson: Approximation of Infinitely Divisible Random Variables with Application to the Simulation of Stochastic Processes.,
    ISBN 91-628-4640-X, 114 pp.


  1. Jakob Riishede Möller: On Matrix-analytic Methods and on Collective Risk in Life Insurance,
    ISBN 91-628-4384-2
  2. Eva Sjö: Crossings and Maxima in Gaussian Fields and Seas,
    ISBN 91-628-4299-4, 124 pp.
  3. Dragi Anevski: Nonparametric Functional Estimation under Order Restrictions,
    ISBN 91-628-4062-2, 137 pp.


  1. Anna Lindgren: Regression Analysis of Censored Data with Applications in Perimetry,
    ISBN 91-628-3499-1, 120 pp.
  2. Pär Johannesson: Rainflow Analysis of Switching Markov Loads, ISBN 91-628-3784-2, 205 pp.
  3. Martin Sköld: Continuous-Time Models in Kernel Smoothing, ISBN 91-628-3812-1, 100 pp.


  1. Zbigniew Michna: Ruin Probabilities and First Passage Times for Self-Similar Processes, LUNFD6/NFMS--1007, 117 pp.
  2. Anders Svensson: Event Prediction and Bootstrap in Time Series, LUTFD2/TFMS--1011, 150 pp.


  1. Bengt Lindoff: On Parameter Estimation and Control of Time-Varying Stochastic Systems, LUTFD2/TFMS--1010, 172 pp.


  1. Stefan Peterson: Filtering and Wavlet Regression Methods with Application to Exercise ECG, LUTFD2/TFMS--1009, 170 pp.


  1. Anders Rosenqvist: Fast Robust Estimators for Linear Regression and Doppler-Bearing Tracking, LUTFD2/TFMS--1008, 118 pp.
  2. Pär-Ola Bendahl: Estimation and Prognostic Value of S-phase Fractions in Cancer Cell Populations, LUNFD6/NFMS--1006, 154 pp.


  1. Roger Pettersson: Approximation for Ordinary Reflecting, and Multivalued Stochastic Differential Equations, LUNFD6/NFMS--1005, 65 pp.


  1. Tobias Rydén: Parameter Estimation for Markov Modulated Poisson Processes, TFMDS2/TFMS--1007, 172 pp.
  2. Roland Perfekt: On Extreme Value Theory for Stationary Markov Chains, LUNFD6/NFMS--1004, 81 pp.


  1. Ulf Strömberg: Isotonic Regression Based on Asymmetric Distance Functions with Applications to Biological Data, LUNFD6/NFMS--1009.
  2. Anders Holtsberg: A Statistical Analysis of Bearings-Only Tracking, LUTFD2/TFMS--1010, 113 pp.


  1. Jonny Olsson: Statistics in Perimetri, LUTFD2/TFMS--1007.
  2. Claes Jogréus: Methods for Analysis of Switching Stochastic Systems, LUTFD2/TFMS--1008.


  1. Gudmundur Jonsson: Parameter Estimation in Models of Heat Exchangers and Geothermal Reservoirs, LUTFD2/TFMS--1006.


  1. Lena Zetterqvist: Statistical Methods for Analysing Time Series of Water Quality Data, LUNFD6/NFMS--1005.


  1. Jan-Eric Englund: Adaptive Recursive M-estimators for Dependent Sequences, LUNFD6/NFMS--1004.


  1. Krzysztof Nowicki: Asymptotic Distributions in Random Graphs, LUNFD6/NFMS--1002.
  2. Patrik Albin: On Extremal Theory for Nondifferentiable Processes, LUTFD2/TFMS--1003.


  1. Igor Rychlik: Statistical Wave Analysis with Application to Fatigue, LUTFD2/TFMS--1001.


  1. Björn Holmquist: Aspects on Multilinear Algebra in Statistical Analysis of Seasonal Multivariate Timeseries.


  1. Tore Persson: Parameter Estimation in Censored Samples and Processes.


  1. Ulla Holst: Recursive M-estimators with Dependent Observations.


  1. Bo Bergman: Some Contributions to the Statistical Theory of Reliability.
  2. Eva Enqvist: On Sampling from Sets of Random Variables with Application to Incomplete U-statistics.


  1. Carl Johan Lamm: Analysis of a Randomization Model for Block Experiments with Block and Nested Factors.


  1. Jan Lanke: Some Contributions to the Theory of Survey Sampling.
  2. Harald Anderson: Efficiency Versus Protection in Randomized Responses Designs.
  3. Daniel Thorburn: Large Sample Properties of Jackknife Statistics.
  4. Jacques de Maré: Characterization and Reconstruction of Gaussian Processes from Level Crossings.


  1. Holger Rootzén: On Sequences of Random Variables which are Mixing in the Sense of Renyi.
  2. Lennart Bondesson: Characterization of Location and Scale Parameter Families of Distributions Through Optimality Properties.
  3. Bengt Ringnér: An Approximately Optimal Sequential Test of Two Simple Hypothesis.


  1. Georg Lindgren: On Wave-Forms in Normal Random Processes.


  1. Thomas Polfeldt: Asymptotic Results in non-regular Estimation.

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