Computer Demonstrations on Statistical Applications

Dilshad Mohammad

Handledare: Lena Zetterqvist

Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Statistics
Lund Institute of Technology,
Lund University,

The aim of this assignment is to introduce computer demonstrations on Statistical applications for pupil and their teachers at an upper secondary school. Three computer programs or movies, with Swedish text and comments have been made which give interesting, exciting and pedagogical examples of how Statistics can be applied in real life. The first program or movie, visualizes the Matlab program EnerPlan written by Lars Arvastson and Magnus Haake. This Matlab program is an important part of the doctoral theses in mathematical statistics, by Lars Arvastson. It demonstrates the improvement made on the performance of an existing district heating network using mathematical and statistical models and methods in order to predict, simulate and to achieve more efficient heating production and lower distribution cost.The second program is a movie clip of the first one where only the most important parts dealing with mathematical statistics models have been introduced.The third program is a presentation, made for pupils at secondary School ("gymnasiet") and students within the university in order to, call their attention and increase their interest formathematical statistic subjects and courses given by the department. It gives also apresentation of the possible job opportunities and the labor-market for graduated students.