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FMSN30/MASM22: Linear and Logistic Regression, 7.5 ECTS credits



Advanced level.


Regression analysis deals with modelling how one characteristic (height, weight, price, concentration, etc) varies with one or several other characteristics (sex, living area, expenditures, temperature, etc). Linear regression is introduced in the basic course in mathematical statistics but here we expand with, e.g., "how do I check that the model fits the data", "what should I do if it doesn't fit", "how uncertain is it", and "how do I use it to draw conclusions about reality".

When performing a survey where people can answer "yes/no" or "little/just fine/much", or "car/bicycle/bus" or some other categorical alternative, you cannot use linear regression. Then you need logistic regression instead. This is the topic in the second half of the course.


Least squares and maximum-likelihood-method; odds ratios; Multiple linear and logistic regression; Matrix formulation; Methods for model validation, residuals, outliers, influential observations, multi co-linearity, change of variables; Choice of regressors, F-test, likelihood-ratio-test; Confidence intervals and prediction. Introduction to: Correlated errors, Poisson regression as well as multinomial and ordinal logistic regression.


At least 60 ECTS at university level including an introductory course in mathematical statistics, e.g. MASA01 Matematical statistics, basic course, 15hp, or MASB02 Mathematical statistics (for chemists) 7.5hp, or MASB03 Mathematical statistics (for physicists) 9hp or MASB11 Biostatistics, basic course 7.5hp, or equivalent.

Teaching and examination

The teaching consists of lectures, computer exercises and project work. Attendance to the three exercises is compulsory. The examination is written and oral in the form of written reports for project 1 and 2, oral presentation of project 3 and individual oral examination.


Anna Lindgren, tel 046-2224276, office MH:136, Matematikcentrum anna@maths.lth.se.

Teaching Assistants

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