Chapter number translations between 3rd and 2nd ed. of Björk

The first 19 chapters have the same numbers and almost identical content.
Björk 3rd Ed. (2009) Björk 2nd Ed. (2004)
20. The Martingale Approach to Optimal InvestmentNot in 2nd ed.
21. Optimal Stopping Theory and American OptionsNot in 2nd ed.
22. Bonds and Interest Rates20. Bonds and Interest Rates
23. Short Rate Models21. Short Rate Models
24. Martingale Models for the Short Rate22. Martingale Models for the Short Rate
25. Forward Rate Models23. Forward Rate Models
26. Change of Numeraires24. Change of Numeraires
27. LIBOR and Swap Market Models25. LIBOR and Swap Market Models
28. Potentials and Positive InterestNot in 2nd ed.
29. Forwards and Futures26. Forwards and Futures
The appendix is almost identical. The chapters which are new in the 3rd ed. are not included in the course so the 2nd ed will work fine.