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Department of Mathematical Statistics

Lund University
Lund Institute of Technology

The research in Mathematical Statistics in Lund deals with probability and statistics, theory as well as applications.

Many masters thesis projects are carried out in close collaboration with industry or researchers in other fields. Typically, they consist of finding an appropriate model and/or a statistical method for analysing a given data set.

The work can also be part of a research project at the department; purely theoretical, implementation of a toolbox or investigation of a new statistical technique by means of either simulation or evaluation of data sets.

A list of current projects is presented below and you are welcome to the department for further information and discussions. It is recommended that a first contact is taken with the supervisor or with

The presentation of the different projects is given in English. However, note that it is only required to write a short summary of the final report in English not the whole report.

Pär Johannesson (