Lund University

Modelling week in Lund

1-10 July 2000

. ECMI organizes yearly a modelling week where students from the participating institutions meet and work in teams on industrial problems in a simulated study group with industry environment. The 14th modelling week is held in Lund, Sweden and is arranged by Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Lund Institute of Technology.


During the modeling week eight different projects were treated and the resulting reports are presented here. All the files are in pdf format.

Group 3:

K O Saastamoinen, E Hansen, M S Kähkönen, P Steinhorst and M Niedziela
Optimization of a Mix Bed Plant, project formulation and report.

Tutor: D. Kehrwald, Kaiserslautern
Industrial counterpart: Maschinen und Verfahrenstechnik

Group 4:

S Ågren, E Braghieri, S Gramsch, S Ikonen, C Pantazi, A Sabak, and J W Weenink
Distance Geometry of Molecules, project formulation and report.

Tutor: S Kokkendorff, Lyngby

Group 5:

M Adiels, O Beck, H Egger, M Kal{\o}r, E Mancini, and J Vietze
Temperature and Thermoelectric Stability in a Persson Type Composite Electrode, project formulation and report.

Tutor: H Krogstad, Trondheim
Industrial counterpart: ELKEM Reseach ASA

Latest News

During the week this home page was used for informing everybody about the ongoing activities. The (maybe somewhat outdated) list of 'Latest News' is available here.

Arriving in Lund

  • By plane to Kastrup, Copenhagen:
    The busses 'Flygbåtarna' takes you to the boat that goes to Malmö at the price 120 Skr(=14 EUR). From Malmö take the train to Lund, it will cost 34 Skr(=4 EUR). Going back to Kastrup might be over the Öresund Bridge, which will be officially inaugurated during July 1st but open for the public only from July 2nd.
  • By plane to Sturup, Malmö:
    The buss 'Flygbussarna' goes to the train station in Lund and costs 60 Skr(=7 EUR). You can also take a taxi directly to Lund for 199 Skr(=23 EUR) (go with 'Minitaxi' the other taxis costs 300-330 Skr).
  • By train to Lund:
    Here is a timetable.

Accommodation and food

All participants and instructors from outside Lund will be living in the International Graduate Student House. Contract for the two weeks from June 29th until July 12th will have to be signed at arrival in Lund. As you see on the home page given, this is a very good accomodation, so bring your laptop.

There are very many good restaurants, pubs, .. in town, but most of the eating during the week will be on the campus restaurant, Kårme (located in 'KH' on the map over Lund Institute of Technology (Centre for Math Sci is located in the 'maths' building on the same map)). You will however be asked to fix your own breakfast and you will also get the opportunity to try some of the restaurants in town during the evenings on Sunday (2/7) and Saturday (8/7). You will find more detailed information on the dining during the modelling week here.


The computer facilities are the following, where the first decimal digit indicates the floor in the building. All the rooms are equipped with printers.
  • Room 139: 15 PC's.
  • Room 140: 8 PC's + 5 Unix's.
  • Room 226 (Das Gupta): 1 PC's + 7 Unix's.
  • Room 436 (Da Vinci): 1 PC's + 4 Unix's.

The first day all participants will get user accounts on for both operating systems. The accounts will be set up so that by default all students can read all other students' files. Matlab will be available on all machines.

Email of any type is easily read and written from the Unix computers. On the PC's it is only possible to use a mail service like Yahoo or Hotmail that uses HTTP. Unfortunately SMTP and all other ports are stopped by a firewall for security reasons.

More about our computers on our computer system homepage.


There are three libraries that will be open for you during the week. In the mathematics building, we have a library for mathematics and a library for mathematical statistics. You will have access to both of these for reading and borrowing via your instructor, also copying will be possible. On campus there is also a general university library, see UB2 on the campus map. You will have the possibility to use it for reading, and there will also be a facility for copying available. However, there will be some restrictions on the possibilities to borrow books from this library.

The department libraries will be possible to use whenever you can persuade your instructor to let you in. The university library will be opened during weekdays from 10 to 17 except on Wednesday when they close at 7 pm.

Social events and excursions

As you can see from the program below there will be an excursion to the island Ven. This trip will bring you to some nice bathing shores, to the artefacts from the observatory of Tycho Brahe and we will have a little picnic!!

You will get a good opportunity to get more acquainted with Lund, since we are to arrange a Guided tour of the town during Thursday afternoon!

Furthermore, there will be presentations by COMSOL from Stockholm, Adtranz from Helsingborg and also some companies from Lund during the week.

And finally (in this part of the programme) there will be two dinners for all of us, the first on Friday 7/7 at 7pm we will have a TexMex dinner cooked by YOU (but with some organization by us). The second dinner is the ECMI MODELLING WEEK DINNER on the campus restaurant. You will get good Swedish food and you are supposed to organize the entertainment!

Have a look at this page for some hints about downtown evening fun.


Saturday 1Participants arrive in Lund.
16.00 Informal reception at Centre for Mathematical Sciences.
Sunday 2Morning:
9.15 in MH:C: Opening of the modelling week:
Leif Svensson, Dean for undergraduate education at Lund Institute of Technology
Georg Lindgren, Dean of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Jan Holst, Anders Holtsberg: Information on practicalities
Project tutors: Presentations of projects.
Monday 3Morning:
9.15 in MH:C: Eduardo Fontes, COMSOL, Stockholm, Sweden:
Presentation of FEMLAB
Tuesday 4Morning:
9.15 in MH:C: Lars-Ove Jönsson, Adtranz, Helsingborg, Sweden:
Trains in motion -- the prediction of rail vehicle dynamics
Wednesday 5Morning:
Trip to the island Ven starting at 13.15 when the bus leaves, Program under 'Latest News'
Thursday 6Morning:
Guided Tour through Lund headed by Aniko Wolf and Claus Fuehrer, see 'Latest News'
Friday 7Morning:
The ECMI TexMex dinner, a cooking experience by and for all of the modellers and instructors, refer to 'Latest News'
Saturday 8Modelling.
Sunday 9Morning:
Presentation of the results, starting at 13.30 in MH:C, see 'Projects'.
ECMI modelling week dinner, 19.00 in 'Läsesalen', 'Kårhuset'. Refer to 'Latest News'
Monday 10End of Modelling Week, departure.


Click here to see the list of participants.

Projects and presentation

During the modelling week eight projects are studied. The resulting modelling work will be presented on Sunday, July 9th at a seminar in MH:C at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences starting at 13.30. Each project group is alotted 25 minutes for the presentation and questions. The program for the presentations is

- 13.30: Mathematical modelling of the Levitron, a magnetic toy (.pdf).
Tutor: Bernt Wennberg, Gothenburg
- 13.50: Rail quality analysis for the Swedish railway system (.pdf).
Tutors: Y C Perdomo and J F Diaz, Lund
Industrial counterpart: Adtranz
- 14.10: Pause
- 14.20: Channel estimation and co-channel interference cancellation in mobile communications (.pdf).
Tutors: F. Nordström, Lund and B. Lindoff, Lund
Industrial counterpart: Ericsson Mobile Communications
- 14.40: Heat conduction and thermoelectric stability in a Persson electrode (.pdf).
Tutor: H. Krogstad, Trondheim
Industrial counterpart: Elkem
- 15.00: Break for Coffee, Tea, Fruit
- 15.30: Distance Geometry of Molecules (.pdf).
Tutor: S. Kokkendorff, Lyngby
- 15.50: Optimization of a Mix Bed Plant (.pdf).
Tutor: D. Kehrwald, Kaiserslautern
Industrial counterpart: Maschinen und Verfahrenstechnik
- 16.10: Pause
- 16.20: Modelling of porous fuel cells, I (.pdf).
Tutor: M Fontes, Lund
Industrial counterpart: Akzo Nobel
- 16.40: Modelling of porous fuel cells, II (.pdf).
Tutor: M Fontes, Lund
Industrial counterpart: Akzo Nobel
- 17.00: Presentation ends.


Here are some snapshots, we will try to get all of the groups on the net, and why not in the proceedings!

Local organisation committe, Contact persons

Mathematical Statistics:
Jan Holst,, room 1006
Anders Holtsberg,, room 1004
Roger Halldin
Anders Malmberg

Mathematics, LTH:
Gunnar Sparr
Magnus Fontes,, room 321
Magnus Oscarsson

Numerical Analysis:
Claus Führer
José Francisco Diaz López
Yolanda Perdomo
Jan Holst
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