Data sets and libraries / Datamaterial och -bibliotek

Department of Mathematical Statistics
Lund University with Lund Institute of Technology

Andra ställen som har datamaterial

is a library of data sets and associated stories, especially datasets with an Australasian context. It is intended as a resource for teachers of statistics in Australia and New Zealand.

Massor av datamaterial och statistisk programvara. Man kan gå direkt härifrån till StatLibs databibliotek.

Alla datamängder från Ripleys bok "Pattern recognition and neural networks".

Amerikanska aktiekurser, från MIT.

AT&T Bell Labs Netlib FTP server (an interesting environment is in att/stat)

Softlib FTP server at Rice University

Statlab FTP server at Heidelberg (Germany)

UCLA Statistics FTP server

Statistical Software Archive at the University of Perugia (XlispSt-t, Teaching Tools, etc.)

Several hundred thousand economic time series, produced by the U.S. Government and distributed by the government in a variety of formats and media, have been put into a standard, highly efficient, eas--to- use form for personal computers.

Oceanographic & Earth Science Data.
From Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library.

The Data Zoo
California coastal data collection.

Journal of Statistics Education Information Service
Also has some data.

Manchester Information Datasets and Associated Services.

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