Homepage of the allrunes font and package,
for typesetting runes with LaTeX

Several fonts exists for typesetting runes, for a list, see http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/links4.html
Most of them are rather limited. They contains just the runes you will find in any Encylopedia if you look up the word "Runes". Here I try to cover most varieties that ever existed. Since I prefere LaTeX for document writing, I have created the font with Metafont and set up a package for easy use in LaTeX. If you prefere some "normal" Windows or Mac wordprocessor instead, I recommend the Gullskoen and Gullhornet fonts, which you can find at http://www.hd.uib.no/Runefonter/Gullskoen.html

The latest stable version (2.1) of the fonts and package can be downloaded from any CTAN, f.x. http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/text-processing/TeX/fonts/allrunes/

What you can find below is the version which I am currently working with. It is a low priority work, and things are happening slowly. In fact, it is still identical to the 2.1 version at CTAN.

What probably will happen is: 1) Cryptic runes will be added. 2) Bind-runes (ligatures) will be added. 3) The Gullskoen and Gullhornet fonts will be accessible via the allrunes LaTeX interface.

Files for version 2.1 (January 2004):

README.TXT Read this before you try to install the fonts and package
allrunes.dtx The source file for the fonts, the package and the documentation
allrunes.ins The driver file for the allrunes.dtx
allrunes.pdf Pdf version of the documentation, with examples.
allrunes.ps PostScript version of the documentation, with examples.
allrunes.zip All of it, including the type1 fonts. (About 9 MB).

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