Basic Course Info for Optimisation 2006

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Teachers: Andrey Ghulchak and Anders P Eriksson


Andrey Ghulchak
Andrey Ghulchak

Problem solving classes:

PiFED  Tuesday 15:15 MH:362B  Andrey Ghulchak
I Tuesday 15:15 MH:331 Anders P Eriksson

In case of need for more classes the extra time can be reserved subject to prior arrangment

Computer exercises:
There will be two compulsory labs, the first one in the third week and the second one in the fifth week. An application list where you can sign up will appear one week before the lab at the Matematik LTH notice board on the ground floor of the Math-building to the right. Make sure that you have a proper login and password to enter the EFD computer network (those who do not should contact the lecturer well in advance).

Problems for the assignment will be handed out at the second lab. Please note that the last day to get your report approved is the week 47 (prel. November 21). This means that you have to hand it in earlier to be able to make necessary corrections.

Written examination:
Preliminary is planed on October 21 (and re-examination around January 11).

Lars-Christer Böiers: Lectures on Optimization, 2005 ch. 1-9 except ch. 7.5. (KFS)
Lars-Christer Böiers: Exercises in Optimization, 2004. (KFS)
Computer Laboratory Exercises in Optimization, 2005. (handed out)
If you are not familiar with Matlab, which will be used in the labs as well as in the mini-project, either you can print out a copy of the short introduction (Ps-file)
K Sigmon: Matlab Primer
or you can buy the very useful handbook
Eva Pärt-Enander & Anders Sjöberg: Användarhandledning för MATLAB 6

See also The Course Program

Andrey Ghulchak