Viktor Larsson,
PhD student, graduated in june 2018
Lund University, Sweden

Research interests:

Selected publications

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Automatic Generator for Minimal Solvers

Generates MATLAB or C++ code for solving systems of polynomial equations. Code for the generator is available here and code for the heuristic monomial basis selection is available here.
2017/07/01 v0.1: Initial release.
2017/08/08 v0.2: Fixed impl. of automatic saturation.
2017/12/01 v0.3: Remove redundant columns.
		 Generalized eigenvalue problem solver.
		 Support for C++ code generation.
2018/05/14 v0.4: Minor fixes and better C++ support :)

PhD Thesis

My thesis is available here. The title is Computational Methods for Computer Vision: Minimal Solvers and Convex Relaxations.

Last updated: 2018/08/14