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The exam 2-12 January.
Send e-mail if you decided to write the exam to be registred.

The course starts at Sepember, 10 and continues during two periods with the last exercise at November 29. The course gives 6 points. Graduate students can also study extra chapters (choosen individually) after exam if they want to get 7.5 points. The students also have a possibility to extra 3 points with the help of the project in Matrix Theory.

The content:

Chapters 1--9, 11--15 and two mini-projects, which are mandatory and should be presented not later than 5/11 correpondingly 30/11. Those whose projects were accepted have a take-home exam 5-14 December or 7-16 January. If they pass it as well they will have an oral part of exam later. The re-exam is in April.

Contact person:

Victor Ufnarovski, room MH 453B, tel 2224146. E-mail: Meeting time: Tuesdays 12.30--13.00


Rieszalen (with two exceptions 12/9,19/9) see course programm för dates.


MH:309A see course programm för dates.


A.Holst, V.Ufnarovski, "Matrix Theory", 2014 ("Studentlitteratur") 2013 (KFS) or 2012 (KFS).
List of some missprints in 2012 edition is here

Distributet matherial:

  • (course programm).
  • (hints and answers 1-15) - for old book (before 2012) only! .
  • (miniprojekt-1).
  • (miniprojekt-2).
  • Projekt (for 3 extra points)
  • testmatris.m.

    Old exam (2007):

  • (pdf).
  • (ps). Another old exam
    Exam 2-12 januari 2018

    Accepted mini projects 2018
    Accepted mini projects 2017
    Accepted mini projekt 2016


  • webbforum.
  • kursplan.
  • Matematik LTH.
    Much of the information will be updated. Contact if you have any questions.
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