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The course will be in be in English. If you need a Swedish page, press här

The course starts at Sepember, 4 and continues during two periods with the last exercise at November 23. The course gives 6 points. Graduate students can also study extra chapters (choosen individually) after exam if they want to get 7.5 points. The students also have a possibility to extra 3 points with the help of the project in Matrix Theory.

The content:

Chapters 1--9, 11--15 and two mini-projects, which are mandatory and should be presented not later than 30/10 correpondingly 25/11. Those whose projects were accepted have a home exam 8-18 December. If they pass it as well they will have an oral part of exam later. The re-exam is in Januari (2-12)

Contact person:

Victor Ufnarovski, room MH 453B, tel 2224146. E-mail: Meeting time: Tuesdays 12.30--13.30


Rieszalen see course programm för dates.


MH:362D (lp1), MH:309A (lp2) see course programm för dates.


A.Holst, V.Ufnarovski, "Matrix Theory", 2014 ("Studentlitteratur") 2013 (KFS) or 2012 (KFS).
List of some missprints in 2012 edition is here

Distributet matherial:

  • (course programm).
  • (hints and answers 1-15) - for old book (before 2012) only! .
  • (miniprojekt-1).
  • (miniprojekt-2).
  • Projekt (for 3 extra points)
  • testmatris.m.

    Old exam (2007):

  • (pdf).
  • (ps). Another old exam
    exam 12-22 December 2014

    Accepted mini projects 2017
    Accepted mini projekt 2016


  • webbforum.
  • kursplan.
  • Matematik LTH.
    Much of the information will be updated. Contact if you have any questions.
    Victor Ufnarovski
    Department of Mathematics (LTH)
    Lund Institute of Technology / Lund University
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    Room: 453B
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