Course homepage for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, autumn 2019

Teacher is Tomas Persson.
Office: room 550 in the mathematics house.
Telephone: 046 222 85 66.
Electronic mail: tomasp (a)

Course syllabus (in Swedish)


The book used for the course is on sale from AMS (40% off) until September 15. Follow this link.

If you are taking the course, you need to register. Those who have been admitted can register them self by following these instructions.

If you would like to get reregistered for the course, send an email to with subject line ''Omregistrering FMAN15''. Mention your name and personal number.


Course programe

Notes for lecture 2 and 3

Assignments and Examination

The examination consists of two take-home assignements, one after each half of the semester (läsperiod), followed by an oral exam. More details will be given later.


Read about the history of mathematics on MacTutor History of Mathematics.

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