Course homepage for topics in analysis, spring 2019

Teacher: docent Tomas Persson.
room 550 in matematikhuset.
Telephone: 046 222 85 66.
e-mail: tomasp (a)

Official Course Description


The first lecture is at 10:15 on 25 March in MH:333. Here is a link to the schedule of the course.

The homepage of the course has been created!

Documents for download

Course programme

Lecture notes

The course (and the lectures) will cover most of the lecture notes, but not everything. There will be something from every chapter, but probably not everything in the longer ones. The exact contents will be chosen according to the students preferences, and available time.


Questions may be asked through the web-forum of the department, but for this course it is probably more efficient to send an e-mail to Tomas Persson or visit his office.


The examination will be a written take-home-exam followed by an oral exam. More details will be given later.


MacTutor History of Mathematics

Lund Mathematical Society

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