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Tomas Persson, PhD and Reader in Mathematics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Box 118
221 00 Lund

Picture of Tomas Persson, by Mikael Persson Sundqvist

Photography by Mikael Persson Sundqvist

e-mail: tomasp (at) maths.lth.se PGP-key
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Phone: +46 46 222 85 66
Office: MH:550


Under vårterminen undervisar jag på följande kurser:
System och transformler
Fördjupningskurs i valt område av matematiken


I do research on ergodic theory, dimension theory in dynamical systems, metric number theory, and related stuff. I also do some research on calculus in one variable.

I have done some research on the Belykh attractor. You can read about it on Scolarpedia.

I am a part of the Dynamical Systems group in Lund.

List of publications.

Scientific societies

I am a permanent member and vice president of Lund mathematical society.

I am a member and member of the board of Lund botanical society.

I am a permanent member and vice president of the Swedish mathematical society.


Yet a picture of Tomas Persson

Important articles about swedish academia can be found at Academic Rights Watch: in swedish and in english.

Nordic Number theory Network

I like to run. Some personal bests are:
marathon, 2:44:27 (2009)
half-marathon, 1:17:32 (2012)
10 km, 34:23 (2010)
10000 m, 34:31.84 (2010)
5000 m, 16:27.76 (2009)
3000 m, 9:44.7 (2014)
In the news: 2009, 2011, 2012.

Here is one of my lectures.

Here is an interview.

Here is another video.

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