Applied Non-commutative Analysis
Spring term 2002,

1 lecture per week, 18-20 lectures.

Introduction meeting, 15 minutes:  Friday, 18 january, 12.10, rum MH:333.
Mathematics, Lund Institute of Technology
Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Course for Doctoral and Advanced Undergraduate Students
in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer sciences,
control theory, electronics, biology, medicine
and other engineering and natural sciences.

Course is oriented towards applications

Main goal is to promote  interactions between mathematics and other subjects.

Main topics of the course are

1) Symmetry in science and technology, and mathematical principles  of symmetry.

2) Operator methods and symmetry-- most powerful approach
to differential and difference equations and their applications

Detailed course information can be loaded here
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Lecturer:   Sergei Silvestrov

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Sergei Silvestrov,                                  Photo of Sergei Silvestrov

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