OBS students! This is  old (but still interesting) webpage of the  Quantum  Computing  course  given 2010
for the first time in Lund University by me, Professor Sergei Silvestrov.

The new web page of the course (given again in Spring 2012)


has been created by Professor Viktor Ufnarovski who teaches the course now.
Please visit  that page for any current information connected to the course.

Enjoy!!! bellow

the old 2010 version of web page of
the course Quantum Computing given for the
first time in Lund University by me, Professor Sergei Silvestrov in 2010.

You can still find some interesting information on this page with usefull links related to
Quantum computing and to Quantum computing courses given at some other places in the World, etc ... !

Kvantberäkningar 5 hp
(Quantum Computing)

Kurskod: FMA035F

First time given in intensive format:
Våren 2010 LP2, maj 3 - maj 21

Spring 2010, Second quarter, May 3 – May 21


Course leader (lecturer and contact persson)

Sergei Silvestrov, Matematik LTH, rum MH562B, tel. 046-2228854 E-post:  ssilvest@maths.lth.se 


Kursbeskrivning (Svenska) Kursen behandlar den nya och snabbt expanderande område kvantberäkningar (kvantdator beräckningar). Kvantdator beräkningar och kvantdator algoritmer använder kvantmekaniska principer som löser uppgifter långt utöver kapacitet av de konventionella datorberäkningar och algoritmer. Matematiskt uppnås detta genom en kombination av metoder från matristeori, geometri och diskret matematik. Syftet med kursen är att förklara de viktigaste begrepp, metoder, algoritmer och tillämpningar av kvantberäkningar. Kursen är på nivå av doktorander och avancerade studenter inom teknik och naturvetenskap.


Course description (English) This course deals with the new and quickly expanding field of quantum computation. Quantum computations and algorithms use quantum mechanical principles and allow solving tasks far beyond capabilities of conventional computing. Mathematically this is achieved through combination of methods from matrix theory, geometry and discrete mathematics. The aim of the course is to explain the main notions, methods, algorithms and applications of quantum computations. The course is on the level of PhD students and advanced undergraduate students in Engineering and Natural Sciences.



Rekommenderat kurslitteratur (Recommended course literature)

Sergei Silvestrov, Föreläsningsanteckningar (Lecture notes) och annat utdelat material.

Michael A.Nielsen and Isaac L.Chuang. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information. Cambridge University Press, ninth edition, 2007.


A.Yu Kitaev, A. H. Shen, M. N. Vyalyi. Classical and Quantum Computation. American Mathematical Society, 2002.


David McMahon. Quantum Computing Explained. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2008.  


Undervisningsform: föreläsningar (Teaching form: lectures)

Examinationsform: miniprojekt eller hemtentamen (Examination form: mini-project or take-home examination)

Språk: svenska eller engelska (Language: Swedish or English)



List of students who passed the course


Useful links on quantum computing  (more links will posted here)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_Computing    (Wikipedia artikel om kvantdatorer och kvantberäkningar på engelska med referenser m m)

http://www.quantware.ups-tlse.fr/IHP2006/      (Interesting page with sources, links and courses on quantum algorithms, quantum computation and quantum information, from Institute Henri Poincare, France)

Interesting links in connection to building Quantum circuits:

Quantum circuits group at University of Michigan

Macro package for drawing quantum circuit diagrams in LaTeX

Useful links on Linear algebra and matrix theory.

Online Matrix Calculator 

http://www.maths.lth.se/matematiklth/personal/ufn/matris/matrix.pdf  (preliminary compendium on Matrix Theory by A. Holst and V. Ufnarovski)



Sidan underhålls av Sergei Silvestrov, Matematik, LTH