Íresund Applied Non-commutative Analysis, Geometry and Symmetry course  

 Autumn term 2004 


Sergei Silvestrov,
Department of Mathematics   Centre for Mathematical Sciences  Lund Institute of TechnologyLund University
Box 118, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden

Room: 154

e-mail: Sergei.Silvestrov@math.lth.se

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Lecture 1 + extra (OH slides)

Lecture 2 + extra (OH slides)

Lecture 3 + extra (OH slides)

Lecture 4 + extra (OH slides)

Lecture 5 + extra (OH slides)

Lecture notes for other lectures are currently under improvement and will be again available electronically as soon as the improvement is complete.

Compendium based on the lectures and other material is under development.

More information on the compendium will be available from this web page when compendium is completed.  

Seminars, conferences, schools
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Non-commutative geometry,
non-commutative analysis
and applications
in physics and engineering

organised by Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund.


Lund Non-commutative Geometry, Non-commutative Analysis and applications seminar

Conferences and Schools:

Erasmus Intensive Program
GAMAP: Geometric and Algebraic Methods of Physics and Applications
4-15 September 2005

Baltic-Nordic Workshop Algebra, Geometry, and Mathematical Physics
Tallinn, 8 October, 2005

Íresund symposiums on non-commutative geometry, non-commutative analysis and applications


AGMF Algebra, Geometry, and Mathematical Physics Baltic-Nordic Workshop Net

Courses (advanced undergraduate and PhD): 

"Applied Non-commutative Analysis"  Spring term 2002