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Nicolas Guilbert, Publications

In reverse chronological order:

Nicolas Guilbert, Fredrik Kahl, Karl Åström, Magnus Oskarsson, Martin Johansson and Anders Heyden, Constraint Enforcement in Structure and Motion Applied to Closing an Open Sequence, Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Jeju Island 2004

Nicolas Guilbert and Adrien Bartoli,Batch Recovery of Multiple Views with Missing Data Using Direct Sparse Solvers, British Machine Vision Conference, Norwich 2003

Rodriguez T., Sturm P., Wilczkowiak M., Bartoli A., Personnaz M., Guilbert N., Kahl F., Johansson M., Heyden A., Menendez J. M., Ronda J. I. and Jaureguizar J.., VISIRE. Photorealistic 3D Reconstruction from Video Sequences, International Conference on Image Processing, Barcelona 2003.

Nicolas Guilbert, Fredrik Kahl and Anders Heyden, Pose Disambiguation in Uncalibrated Structure from Motion, Best Paper Award, International Conference on Automation, Robotics, Control and Vision, Singapore 2002

Nicolas Guilbert , Henrik Aanaes and Rasmus Larsen Integrating Prior Knowledge and Structure from Motion, Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, Bergen 2001

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