Instructions for Authors

to prepare contributions for the volume of proceedings of the conference
Operator Theory and its Applications in Mathematical Physics - OTAMP2006

NB! Only contributions prepared following the instructions given below will be considered for publication.

General remarks

The purpose of the following simple instructions is to disentangle the author from the use of complicated TeX macro packages. We gratefully appreciate if the text does not contain \overfull and/or \underfull boxes, if equations do not exceed the indicated width and if hyphenations have been checked. Please avoid caps and underlines and do not use \hoffset or \voffset, nor true sizes such as for example truecm.

Class File

However, to simplify the transformation process between your documents and the final layout, we provide the LaTeX class file


ready for use with the newer LaTeX versions (LaTeX2e). Just click on the link above to download this file. Then, the first line in your document should be


The class file mainly sets the fonts, margins and spacing. It is based on the standard LaTeX article class and provides also the AMS-LaTeX fonts and commands. Hence, there is no need to learn new commands, just use the usual LaTeX or AMS-LaTeX commands inside your document. Nevertheless, a small sample file containing a short documentation and useful as template file can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:



Though indentation to indicate a new paragraph is welcome, please do not use indentation when the new paragraph is already marked by an extra vertical space, as for example in the case of the first paragraph following a heading. Unless the style-file you are using is taking care of this already please insert \noindent in such a situation. Likewise, please make sure not to indent the first line of theorems, lemmas, proofs etc., but rather to separate them from the preceding text by a little extra vertical space. Beware of inserting an empty line before or after a display in your source file. This has an effect on indentation as well as on TeX's choice of pagebreaks.

Figures, tables and so on

Please send figures as EPS-file (encapsulated postscript). It is sometimes difficult to place insertions at an exact location in the final form of the book. Therefore, all figures and tables should be numbered and you should refer to these numbers within the text. Please avoid formulations like «the following figure...».


It is extremely important to use the style of the sample file to write the references. We prefer numbered references like [1], [2], etc. Do not forget to provide titles of the articles and page numbers.

Final remarks

To submit your contribution please send PDF file (and only PDF file) of your contribution to P.Kurasov ( You may send a copy to any other editor if you have any preference. When the manuscript is accepted for publication (and only after the acceptance), please send the corresponding LaTeX source file with the final version of the manuscript to P.Kurasov (

Please contact P.Kurasov in case you have questions concerning preparation of your contribution kurasov at the server