Recommended Hotels for OTAMP2006

We have booked rooms for invited speakers and all participants registered before the deadline April 1, 2006 in the hotel Sparta and The University Guesthouse situated in the same building. How to reach these hotels please check the web-site
Please check the list of Hotel Reservations made by the organizing committee to see the accommodation you have. Let us know if there is any problem. These hotels are fully booked at the moment. Therefore to to book accommodation all late registered participants are advised to contact one of the following hotels having special price for guests of Lund University . Booking accommodation inform the corresponding hotel that you are attending OTAMP2006 conference organized by Lund University. The prices are given in the following format: single/double. No guaranty that the prices are valid. You may find other hotels in Lund as well.

    Lund centrum:

  1. Hotel Lundia from 1295/1750 SEK (Friday and Saturday nights 725/1125 SEK)
  2. Hotel Concordia 1055/1210 SEK (Friday and Saturday nights 750/950 SEK)
  3. Grand Hotel from 1398/1655 SEK (Friday and Saturday nights from 750/1550 SEK)

    Not in the centrum, but not far away from the Center of Mathematical Sciences :

  4. Hotel Djingis Khan 1062/1308 SEK (Friday and Saturday nights 700/800 SEK)
  5. Hotel Ideon Gästeri 1295/1495 SEK

    Rather far away from the centrum:

  6. Scandic Star hotel 1101/1401 SEK