Proceedings of the conference
Operator Theory and its Applications in Mathematical Physics o OTAMP2004

We are planning to publish proceedings of the conference in the series "Operator Theory: Advances and Applications", published by Birkhäuser Verlag.
All participants who received invitation to publish their contributions in the volume are advised to prepare the texts in LaTeX following the instructions

Instructions for authors

NB! Only contributions prepared following these instructions will be considered for publication.

The deadline for submission of contributions is June 1, 2005.

All contributions will be refereed by at least two referees. Only original articles containing new results will be accepted for publication.
In case you have any questions and/or remarks please inform all organizers by sending an e-mail message.

Prof. J. Janas

Inst. of Mathematics PAN
ul. Sw. Tomasza 30
31-027 Krakow

Dr. P. Kurasov

Dept. of Mathematics
Lund Inst. of Technology
Box 118, 221 00 Lund

Prof. A. Laptev

Dept. of Mathematics
Royal Inst. of Technology
104 05 Stockholm

Prof. S. Naboko

Dept. of Math. Physics
St.Petersburg Univ.
198904 St.Petersbrug

Prof. G. Stolz

The Dept. of Mathematics
UAB, Birmingham
AL 35294-1170