Henrik Malm

PhD student in Computer Vision
and Mathematics at
Lund Institute of Technology
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Henrik Malm
Mathematical Imaging Group (MIG)
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund Institute of Technology / Lund University
P.O. Box 118, S-221 00 LUND

Room: 326
Direct Phone: +46 46 22 205 73
Dept. Phone: +46 46 22 285 37
Robot Lab Phone: +46 22 287 77
Fax: +46 46 22 240 10
e-mail: henrik@maths.lth.se



Master's Thesis: Henrik Svensson, syntseq
Master's Thesis: Bengt Petterson, SBseq



Some of my research interests within Computer Vision and Image Analysis are:

Robot Vision, Visual Illusions, Camera Calibration, Hand-Eye Calibration, Motion Analysis, Usage of Normal Flow,
Direct Methods, Vision in Feedback Loops, Non-Linear (Anisotropic) Diffusion Filtering, Scale-Space Theory.

Publications 2003

Malm, H., Heyden, A.,
Simplified Intrinsic Camera Calibration and Hand-Eye Calibration for Robot Vision,
To appear in Proc. IROS, Las Vegas, October 2003.

Publications 2002

Malm, H., Heyden, A.,
Plane-Based Camera Calibration: The Case of Pure Translation,
Proc. MVA, Nara, Japan, December 2002.

Malm, H., Heyden, A.,
Self-Calibration from Image Derivatives for Active Vision Systems,
Proc. ICARCV, Singapore, December 2002.

Fermuller, C., Malm, H., Aloimonos, Y.,
Bias in Visual Motion Processes: A Theory Predicting Illusions,
Proc. Statistical Methods in Video Processing, Copenhagen, June 2002.

Olsson, T., Bengtsson, J., Johansson, R., Malm, H.,
Force Control and Visual Servoing Using Planar Surface Identification,
Proc. ICRA, Washington D.C., May 2002.

Publications 2001

Malm, H., Heyden, A.,
Stereo Head Calibration from a Planar Object,
Proc. CVPR, Kauai, Hawaii, December 2001.

Fermüller,C., Malm, H., Aloimonos, Y.,
Uncertainty in Visual Processes Predicts Geometric Optical Illusions,
Technical Report CS-TR-4251, May 2001.

Publications 2000

Malm, H., Sparr, G.,Hult, J.,Kaminski, C.F.,
Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering of Images Obtained by Planar Laser Induced Flourescence Spectroscopy,
J. Optical Soc. America A, 17, pp. 2148-2156.

Malm, H. and Heyden, A.,
A New Approach to Hand-Eye Calibration,
Proc. ICPR, Barcelona, September 2000.

Malm, H. and Heyden, A.,
Hand-Eye Calibration from Image Derivatives,
Proc. ECCV, Dublin, June 2000.

Malm, H. and Heyden, A.,
A Direct Method for Hand-Eye Calibration and Depth Reconstruction,
Proc. SSAB Symposium on Image Analysis 2000, Halmstad, March 2000.

Malm, H., Sparr, G.,Hult, J.,Kaminski, C.F.,
An Application of Non-linear Diffusion Filtering on PLIF Images of Flames,
Proc. SSAB Symposium on Image Analysis 2000, Halmstad, March 2000.

Publications 1998

Malm, H.,
Review and Practical Comparisons of Multiscale Analysis Methods,
Proc. SSAB Symposium on Image Analysis 1998, Uppsala, March 1998.

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