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I am an applied mathematician interested in optimization and modelling, computer vision, deep learning and medical image analysis.

NEWS: We have obtained striking results on the rotation averaging problem! Highly recommended reading: Rotation Averaging and Strong Duality. Joint collaboration with Anders Eriksson at Queensland University of Technology.

NEWS: Our research collaboration with Oxford University (Phil Torr's group) on "Conditional Random Fields Meet Deep Neural Networks" has just resulted in a journal article in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (special issue on Deep Learning), to appear 2018.

NEWS: The Best Student Paper Award is awarded to "Shape-Aware Multi-Atlas Segmentation" at ICPR 2016, Cancun, Mexico! Read the paper.

NEWS: My PhD Student Petter Strandmark won the Best Nordic PhD Thesis for the years 2013-2014. The prize was announced at SCIA 2015, Copenhagen. Petter, congratulations!

NEWS: The Best Student Paper Award is awarded to our Uberatlas-paper at SCIA 2015, Copenhagen! Read the paper.

NEWS: We won 13 out of 20 classes in the VISCERAL Anatomy Grand Challenge of segmenting wholebody CT images! See the online leaderboard. Read the paper.

Learn more about 3D reconstruction form large-scale image sets and visit Örebro castle at the same time. For more info, read the paper. More reconstructions by Carl Olsson.

We have looked at the problem of extracting one-dimensional structures from large-scale 3D images, for example, automatically segmenting the coronary arties in CT images. For more info, read our paper, Shortest Paths with Higher-Order Regularization, published in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2015.

Research interests include: See also publications.

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Last updated: January 9, 2017