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I am an applied mathematician interested in optimization and modelling, computer vision, deep learning and medical image analysis.

NEWS: We won the Best Industry Paper at the Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis, Göteborg, 2019 for our work on 3D Object Detection by Eskil Jörgensen, Christopher Zach and Fredrik Kahl.

NEWS: We have obtained striking results on the rotation averaging problem! Highly recommended reading: Rotation Averaging and Strong Duality. Joint collaboration with Anders Eriksson at Queensland University of Technology.

NEWS: We won the Best Industry Paper at the Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis, Stockholm, 2018 for our work on Visual Localization by Carl Toft et al.

NEWS: Our research collaboration with Oxford University (Phil Torr's group) on "Conditional Random Fields Meet Deep Neural Networks" has just resulted in a journal article in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (special issue on Deep Learning), 2018.

NEWS: The Best Student Paper Award is awarded to "Shape-Aware Multi-Atlas Segmentation" at ICPR 2016, Cancun, Mexico! Read the paper.

Learn more about 3D reconstruction form large-scale image sets and visit Örebro castle at the same time. For more info, read the paper. More reconstructions by Carl Olsson.

Metric localization from a single image! In the first video below, you see how we reconstructed a 3D model of a tunnel from one image sequence. Then, in the second video, we use a single image to determine our localization (absolute pose) in the 3D model of the tunnel! Read our BMVC 2016 paper.

We have looked at the problem of extracting one-dimensional structures from large-scale 3D images, for example, automatically segmenting the coronary arties in CT images. For more info, read our paper, Shortest Paths with Higher-Order Regularization, published in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2015.

Research interests include: See also publications.

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