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See also the download page of the Mathematical Imaging Group.

Pseudo-Boolean Optimization

The source code for Generalized Roof Duality is available for download. See the Pseudo-Boolean Optimization homepage.

Dual Decomposition of Graphs

The source code for parallelization of graph cuts is available for download. See the Dual Decomposition of Graphs homepage.

L-infinity Toolbox

The L-infinity Toolbox for Matlab is a collection of algorithms for globally solving structure and motion problems using L-infinity norm.

Bug reports are welcome. See the copyright file for details about conditions of use. By downloading the software [v 1.0], you agree to be bound by the conditions. All routines use SeDuMi for solving convex feasibility problems.

Please cite the following paper for work that uses the toolbox.

Variable F Solver

The code implements (a variation of) the method decribed in the paper:
The code can be found at the following page.

Practical Global Optimization for L2 Problems

Look at the homepage of Sameer Agarwal for the MATLAB toolbox implementing the methods in

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Last updated: July 29, 2005