Complex analysis in several variables I

During the first period of the spring semester 2010, I will give a course on complex analysis in several variables, intended for Ph.D. students.

The course will consist of seven lectures, starting on January 20th. We will meet once a week, probably on Wednesdays between 1-3pm. The lectures will be given in Swedish or English depending on the audience. Note: If you plan to attend the lectures and do not speak Swedish, please let me know in advance to help with my preparations!


Participants will be assumed to have taken some course in complex analysis in one variable. At the very least, the course Funktionsteori (FMAF01) or Komplex analys (FMA037) is required. It will be helpful if you have taken Analytiska funktioner (MATC11) or Analytiska funktioner (FMA130).


Preliminary content



The exam consists of a set of problems and an oral exam. I expect you to solve at leat five or six of the problems.

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