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Carl Olsson, Olof Enqvist,

Stable Structure from Motion for Unordered Image Collections

SCIA 2011 (pdf)


Here is the code that was used for the paper (with some minor changes). And here is a small data set to test it with.
Most of it is in matlab but in addition the following is needed:
The five point solver,
Lowe's SIFT implementation ,
VLfeat and
Mosek .
To run it, run the script reconstruct_scene.m. You will have to change the paths in corner/reconstr_setup.m to make it work. The code is supplied with absolutely no guarantees whatsoever and probably full of bugs. If you use it cite the paper. In the near future I am planning to update the rotation averaging routine which is not very good for large data sets it seems.


These are the datasets from the paper. Due to size limitations I cannot put the images here. Instead I have put the tracked image points (obtained after step 2 in the algorithm) and the final reconstruction. If you would like to have the images you will have to contact me.
The image point file contains a structure with the fields pointnr, points and index. The points-field contains the two-dim. coordinate for the point and the cooresponding position in the index field contains the number of the corresponding 3D point. The field pointnr is the total number of 3D-points.

The Arch of Triumph, Paris.
Image points and final reconstruction.

Vercingetorix, Clermond-Ferrand.
Image points and final reconstruction.

Alcatraz, San Francisco.
Image points and final reconstruction.

Stockholm City Hall.
Image points and final reconstruction.

The Cathedral of Lund. I somehow managed to overwrite this data with somthing else. So I will have to re-run it before putting it here...

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