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This years project suggestions (for the project course in applied mathematics 3hp) are available here. Important dates are listed in the above file.
DEADLINE FOR CORRECTIONS/COMPLETIONS of all the assignments will be the first of april. Note that everything has to be completed/corrected by this time. If your assignments are not approved after this deadline you will have to hand in during the exam-period in August or next year. Keep in mind that it may take up to a week to assess your assignments if many people hand in at the same time. So if you hand in the week before the deadline you may not get any additional chance to make corrections until August.
NOTE: Due to popular demand we will have an exercise on Thursday 14/2 at 10:15 in MH:230. This is a one time test. If many people show up we will continue the following weeks but otherwise we will go back to only having exercises on Mondays. (The exercises on Mondays will continue as before but only with one teacher.)
There will be an exercise on Thursday 21/2 at 10:15 in MH:231.
There will be an exercise on Thursday 28/2 at 10:15 in MH:231.
Here are two old home exams that i will solve on the last lecture:
exam2011.pdf and
exam2012.pdf and
You will be able to do the home exam between March 11 and March 22. During these dates you will be able to pick it up (during office hours) from the administrators office on the fifth floor in the mathematics building. You get to work on it for 48 hours and then hand in your solutions to the administrators office. You may hand in written solutions, pdf-files and matlab scripts. Scripts and pdf:s should be sent directly to me ( If you only submitt pdf:s and m-files you don't have to hand in anything to the adminstrators office, however the files that your submit (by mail) still has to sent in during office hours.
UPDATE: Some people have pointed out that the initial course schedule says that it should be possible to do the home exam in study week 1. Since this may have caused some confusion we will extend the dates that you can collect the exam to include this week as well.

A preliminary program for the course is here.

The official course plan is here.

Lectures will be on:

  • Tuesdays 8-10 in room MH:Gårdingsalen.
    Wednesdays 10-12 (study weeks 1-6) in room MH:Gårdingsalen.

Computer exercises will be on:
  • Modays 13-15 in room MH:230 (only study weeks 2-6).

There are 5 mandatory assignments that will be posted here: Some of the exercises in these assignments are a bit tricky. If you get stuck on anything while working at home, send me an email and I will help you out.

During computer exercises you will work with the assignments. So there is no extra material for these sessions.
Lecture notes will be posted here:

If you are wondering what we will do in this course, here are some instructional videos:

More movies on my YouTube cannel.

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