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Computer Vision 2014

This years projects are listed here.

Starting Monday 10/3 and two weeks forward you can collect the Computer Vision home exam at the student expedition (fifth floor mathematics building, opening hours are listed here ). You have 48 hours to complete the exam and hand in at the student expedition. Any programs you write should be submitted directly to me at . Note that you are not allowed to work on the exam during the weekend. Anyone collecting it on Thursday still has to hand in before the student expedition closes on Friday.

Also, there will be (a firm!) deadline for completing the assignments. Everything, including corrections, has to be completed by April 4rth. If you have problems making this deadline let me know. I think that everyone should be done by then, but in case you are not you will have a chance to submit during the exam period in August.

A preliminary program is here.

Lectures will be on:

  • Wednesdays 8-10 (study weeks 1-6) in room MA:03.
    Thursdays 13-15 in room MH:B.

Exercises will be on:
  • Modays 10-12 in room MH:333 (only study weeks 2-6).
Computer Exercises will be on:
  • Tuesdays 10-12 in room MH:230 (only study weeks 2-6).

There are 5 mandatory assignments posted here: Some of the exercises in these assignments are a bit tricky. If you get stuck on anything while working at home, send me an email and I will help you out.

During exercises and computer exercises you will work with the assignments. So there is no extra material for these sessions.
Lecture notes will be posted here:
I will be solving some problems from these old exams on the lectures:
If you are wondering what we will do in this course, here are some instructional videos:

More movies on my YouTube cannel.

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