Centre for
Mathematical Sciences


International Conference on Analysis and
Mathematical Physics in Honour of Lars Gaarding
on his 80th birthday
16-20 August 1999 in Lund

With support from the Crafoord Fund, from Ericsson Mobile Communications and from NFR (the Swedish National Scientific Research Council).

The general area of differential equations and their relation to mathematical physics will be emphasized. This includes spectral theory and scattering theory, both direct and inverse problems, stability of matter and related subjects.
The conference will consist of 14 plenary lectures, special sessions for 30-minute invited talks and contributed talks.
Plenary Speakers
Preliminary programme List of participants
Organizing Committee
C. Bennewitz, G. Gudmundsdottir and A. Melin,
Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University
Box 118, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Email: cbz@maths.lth.se.
Social Events
There will be a conference dinner in the evening of Thursday August 19 and in the afternoon of August 18 there will be a barbecue. Cheese and wine will be available in foyer of the mathematics building from 6pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
The airports closest to Lund are Copenhagen and Malmoe Airports. See information.

A map of central Lund. The railway station is marked in the lower left hand corner. (Hotel) Sparta is marked slightly above the middle of the right hand side. The mathematics building is just to the left of the L in LTH (about 400 metres west of Sparta); the entrance is from this side as well. Hotel Djingis Khan is about a kilometre north of the text Lund and Hotel Planetstaden is just off the lower right corner of the map.

The organizers have so far negotiated special rates with the hotels listed below. To make a reservation, please contact the hotels by phone or fax and mention that you are attending the Gårding conference.

Hotel Sparta, Tunavägen 39, 223 63 Lund
University Guest House, each room has a bathroom and there is access to cooking facilities.
About 5 minutes walk from the lectures
Phone: +4646191600, Fax: +4646128525
Deadline: July 1 1999.
Price: SEK 516 (approximately 60 USD (or Euros)) per night, including breakfast.

Hotel Djingis Khan, Margaretavägen 7, 220 40 Lund
A first class hotel about 20 minutes walk from the lectures
Phone: +4646140060, Fax: +4646143626
Deadline: June 1 1999.
Price: SEK 875 (approximately 100 USD (or Euros)) per night, including breakfast.

Hotel Planetstaden, Dalbyvägen 38, 224 60 Lund
Opened this year. About 20 minutes walk from the lectures
Phone: +46462800100, Fax: +46462800199
Deadline: June 15 1999.
Price: Single, SEK 695 (approximately 80 USD (or Euros)) per night, including breakfast
Double, SEK 895 per night, including breakfast

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