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Mathematics, Bachelor´s Programme  

The growth of the information society has increased the need to understand and predict the real world. There is an increasing demand for people who can structure and analyse the growing amount of produced and stored data, and a mathematical education is a good ground for such tasks. To approach complex problems mathematicians use models and analytic methods and therefore the subject is very well suited to those who are interested in problem solving.

The first part of this three-year programme stretches over three semesters and covers basic training in algebra and mathematical analysis in one and several variables, basis physics and a short introduction to other science subjects.  The content of the second part of the programme depends on the chosen area of interest and can, for instance, consist of courses in mathematics, mathematical statistics, numerical analysis, physics, computer science or economics. The programme ends with a Bachelor's degree project on a topic of interest chosen in consultation with a supervisor.

N.B. This programme is not identical to "Kandidatprogrammet i matematik" (Bachelor Programme in Mathematics, Swedish). For more information see the course pages.


Anna-Maria Persson
Student counsellor
+46 46 222 85 39
Anders Olofsson
Student counsellor
+46 46 222 77 91

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