This is a DRAFT of a possible implementation of an

ECMI Master in Industrial Mathematics at LU

The duration of the master programme is two years (120 ECTS). There are three course blocks (A, B and C) for each of the branches Techno-mathematics and Econo-mathematics. The course blocks are related to both the requirements for admission and the implementation of the programme. The main intention is that the student should acquire sufficient skills in both mathematics and engineering-related subjects in order to carry out the modelling of industrial problems.

Requirements for admission

The following is required for admission at either the techno- or econo-branch:

  • 180 ECTS of undergraduate study at university level
  • Prerequisite courses corresponding to those in course block A
  • Prerequisite courses of at least 12 ECTS corresponding to those in course block B
  • Since the education is given in English, good communication skills in English are required both orally and in writing

Requirements for certificate and compulsory tasks

  • At least 120 ECTS in total, corresponding to two years study
  • At least one semester spent at the other universities of ECMI
  • Courses covering the remaining topics in block B (X ECTS that has not been taken already at admission)
  • Techno-branch, courses from block C:
    • 42 ECTS are mathematics-related courses (course codes starting with FMA, FMN or FMS)
    • 12 ECTS of the other courses
  • Econo-branch, courses from block C:
    • 36 ECTS are mathematics-related courses (course codes starting with FMA, FMN or FMS)
    • 6 ECTS of the other courses
  • Modelling activities of at least 9 ECTS:
    • Participation in a Modelling Week, organized every year by ECMI. This is registered as the course FMSN05 International Project Course — Mathematical Modelling, 3 ECTS, in block C.
    • 6 ECTS of further modelling activities such as projects, study groups, summer school. Project courses attached to theoretical courses can be found in block C.
  • A master thesis of at least 30 ECTS
  • Additional courses (elective) from block C up to 120 ECTS

The number of ECTS for a student can be described as the following:
[compulsory courses] + (elective courses)

Techno-branch: [X + 42 + 12 + 9 + 30] + (27 – X) = 120

Econo-branch: [X + 36 + 6 + 9 + 30] + (39 – X) = 120

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