Using rtftohtml/rtftoweb

A Guide To Using rtftohtml and rtftoweb

rtftohtml, written by Chris Hector, is a conversion utility to generate HTML documents, which are used within the World Wide Web, from RTF source. rtftoweb extends rtftohtml by a few additional functions such as automatic splitting of the document, inserting a navigation panel into the HTML files and generating an index with active links. Together these tools provide quite a comfortable and yet powerful means to get your (Word or whatever) documents on the Web.
And the best thing is: Both tools may be freely copied.

This guide describes rtftohtml version 2.7.5, written by Chris Hector ( and rtftoweb version 1.6, written by Christian Bolik (, that's me. My email address will probably change during October `95, but I hope these pages may remain in place.

Some parts of this guide have been copied from Chris' rtftohtml User's Guide. The main purpose of this document is to have all information regarding the conversion from RTF to HTML via rtftohtml/rtftoweb in one place. It also is an example of what you can expect from rtftohtml/rtftoweb, since it has been converted from a Microsoft Word 6.0 document (exported as RTF) to HTML by using the extended rtftohtml.

Christian Bolik (, 04.09.95