What is rtftoweb?

rtftoweb is an extension of Chris Hector's very excellent rtftohtml (see section What is rtftohtml), which converts RTF-Documents to HTML, which in turn is used within the World Wide Web Project. rtftohtml converts a linear RTF-Document to an also linear HTML-Document, with little support for hypertext and without any structuring (well, since version 2.7 this isn't quite true anymore, but that table of contents doesn't turn your documents into hypertext).

This is where rtftoweb comes in.

rtftoweb converts a linear RTF-Document (that may contain cross references, index entries and footnotes) into a fully hypertexted set of HTML-Documents.

This document, that you are reading right now, is an example of what you can expect from using an rtftohtml which has been extended by rtftoweb, since it was created from an RTF-source by rtftohtml 2.7.5 with applied rtftoweb 1.6 patches, with the command

	rtftohtml -h1 -c -x guide.rtf

The rtftoweb-patch adds the following features to rtftohtml:

For information about where to get and how to install rtftoweb, see section Installing rtftohtml and rtftoweb.

New in version 1.6

When I released rtftoweb 1.5, I thought it would be the last version of rtftoweb since I agreed with Chris Hector, the author of the original rtftohtml, that rtftoweb should be integrated into rtftohtml. That was at the end of 1994, but no new version of rtftohtml was released since then.

Chris told me that he has currently (and during the last monts) too many other things to do, and that he will not be able to continue the development of rtftohtml within the next few months. Because of this, and because I keep getting bug reports and suggestions from rtftoweb users I decided to release another (intermediate) version of rtftoweb.

Among the new features are:

This version also fixes some bugs of earlier versions, with the more important being: