Installing rtftohtml and rtftoweb

This section describes the installation of rtftohtml and rtftoweb under UNIX. If you are running a different system, have a look at section Supported platforms.

Installing rtftohtml and extending it with rtftoweb is really simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get rtftohtml version 2.7.5.
  2. Unpack it with "gzip -cd rtftohtml-2.7.5.tar.gz | tar xvpf -".
    If your shell complains that it cannot find "gzip" you should get and install this GNU utility now.
  3. Get rtftoweb version 1.6.
  4. Move rtftoweb-1.6.tar.gz into the directory rtftohtml-2.7.5 which has been created by step 2, "cd" to it, and unpack it by "gzip -cd rtftoweb-1.6.tar.gz | tar xvpf -".
  5. Patch the original rtftohtml-sources by issuing the command "patch -l <patch.rtftoweb-1.6". If your shell complains about not finding "patch", you can get it here.
  6. Edit makefile.rtftoweb to specify the installation paths and compiler options:
  7. Type "make -f makefile.rtftoweb". (Note that you can still easily make an unpatched rtftohtml, see instructions in makefile.rtftoweb.)
  8. Type "make -f makefile.rtftoweb install" to install your new, patched and full featured rtftohtml.

That's it!