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Machine Learning

Welcome to the 2019 realization of FMAN45 Machine Learning!

The first lecture is held on Monday March 25th at 8-10 in MA:6. You'll find a detailed schedule here:

All relevant information and course material will be provided through the online learning platform Moodle, available at,

where you will be able to locate the course "Machine Learning 2019". To register as a student, you will need an enrollment key, which is handed out during the first lecture. Enrollment in Moodle is open from March 25th until April 14th. If you're having trouble enrolling in Moodle, or have other questions, please contact the course organizer Ted Kronvall,

This course is given by the Computer Vision and Machine Learning group at Mathematics LTH, Lund University, which is headed by Professor Cristian Sminchisescu. You can find more information about the group and our latest research at

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Introductory Meeting:
2019-03-25, 8:00

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Reading periods:
Spring, second half