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Linear and Combinatorial Optimization

Welcome to the course!

On this page I will post information regarding the course. Below you can find lecture notes and a course program.

Important information: Those of you who didn't finish Lab 1 have the possibility to show your solutions to Marcus on Friday 15 February at 13-15 in MH:427 and get them approved. Make sure that you have completed the exercises before you come, so that it will go smoothly.

Important information: The lecture on 19 February will be cancelled, and instead there will be a lecture scheduled on 8 March at 10-12. and the lecture on 22 February will be given by Marcus Valtonen Örnhag.

There will be three mandatory handin exercises in the course. The deadline for handing in the solutions for these are 5 February, 19 February and 5 March.

There will be two mandatory computer labs that you need to do in a computer room.

Computer lab 1 will take place on 7 or 8 February in room MH:230, at 15-17. Choose a time slot and sign up for this lab here:

NB! Time change for Computer lab 2. !! You need to fill in the doodle again!!

Computer lab 2 will take place on 28 February or 1 March in room MH:230, at 15-17. Choose a time slot and sign up for this lab here:

Make sure that you register for the course in Ladok. To do this, follow this link:

NB! You can come and view your exam script on Tuesday 2 April at 12.30-13.00 in MH:333.


Course Material

Lecture 1 as pdf
Lecture 2 as pdf
Lecture 3 as pdf
Lecture 4 as pdf
Lecture 5 as pdf
Lecture 6 as pdf
Lecture 7 as pdf
Lecture 8 as pdf
Lecture 9 as pdf
Lecture 10 as pdf
Lecture 11 as pdf
Lecture 12 as pdf
Lecture 13 as pdf
Course program as pdf
Handin exercise 1
Instructions for lab 1
Handin exercise 2
Instructions for lab 2
Exercises for Lecture 10
Handin exercise 3
Exercises for Lecture 11
Optional computer exercise
Files for optional computer exercise
Files for lab 1
Files for lab 2
Answers to some exercises in handin 1.
Cutting plane and branch and bound by hand
Solutions to exercises on dynamic programming (Lecture 11)

Previous exams

2019-08-24 Exam
2019-03-18 Exam Solutions
2018-08-27 Exam Solutions
2018-03-16 Exam Solutions
2018-01-01 Exam Solutions

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