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This course previously had the course code FMA021

In engineering sciences the term "continuous system" means a system whose state space is described by a continuous family of parameters. Continuous systems occur frequently in physics and other natural sciences, in mechanics, electricity and other engineering sciences, in economical sciences, etc. To describe a continuous system one is in general led to partial differential equations (pde).

One aim of the course is to provide mathematical tools and the ability to use them for the whole chain of model building - analysis - interpretation av solutions to pde:s appearing in such systems. Another aim is the opposite: by showing how abstract mathematical concepts such as Hilbert space are used in concrete applications, to lay a foundation for general competence in mathematics useful as well in further studies as in professional activities. A further aim is that the student should make acquaintance with the use and usability of software programs for computation and simulation.

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CEQ - Applied Mathematics