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Introduction to Real Analysis

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To supplement the course in single variable calculus with theory for which there is no room within standard course. The course is meant for beginning students who already mastered large parts of the standard course. Only few new methods for calculations are obtained, but many of the methods and more abstract points of view that are introduced to carry out proofs that are left out of the standard calculus course make it easier to see patterns and analogies in later courses. The new ways of thinking and the concepts give the student a better capability to creatively attack new problems.

The real numbers. Sequences and compactness. More about continuity. More about differentiation. Integration. Elementary functions. Revision.

Textbook: The How and Why of One Variable Calculus, by Amol Sasane. Wiley 2015. Will be available as an E-book via the Mathematics Library.

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CEQ - Introduction to Real Analysis