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Algebraic structures 2

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This is an introduction to abstract algebra. The word abstract indicates that one is less interested in the nature of the mathematical objects with which one calculates than in HOW one calculates, i.e. what laws are valid. The purpose is to try to derive results that may be applied in many different concrete situations.

It turns out that many of the structures that occur in mathematics belong to one of the categories GROUPS, RINGS and FIELDS, so these are the main objects of study during the course.

During the twentieth century the applications of algebra have become more and more common within the engineering sciences. Important fields of applications are coding theory, cryptology and computer science. Algebraic methods also play a major role in modern physics, when one discusses the consequences of symmetries.

The reason for the two course codes is that the course is open for students from the faculty of science and the faculty of engineering. The prerequisites to the right pertain to students at the faculty of science. For engineering students there are no strict prerequisites, but one should have passed linear algebra, calculus in one and several variables and at least one more course in mathematics.

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CEQ - Algebraic structures 2