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Analysis in One Variable

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MATA21 Analysis in One Variable is a compulsory course for a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and physics and is given course parallel to the courses MATA22 Linear Algebra 1 and NUMA01 Computational Programming in Python during the first semester of studies in mathematics.

The course gives a thorough introduction to differential and integral calculus of real functions of one variable with emphasis on theoretical aspects. It covers the real numbers, limits of number sequences and functions, continuity, derivatives, primitive functions, definite integrals, differential equations, Taylor expansions, series and improper integrals.

<b>Teaching<b> The teaching consists of lectures, seminars, exercise classes and mentoring hours.

Assessment The examination consists of the following parts:

  • assessed coursework, 2 credits
  • written examinations (mid-term and final), 13 credits
  • oral examination, compulsory in order to obtain the grade Pass with distinction

The grades for the course are Pass with distinction, Pass and Fail. For obtaining the Pass grade, it is required to pass the assessed coursework and the final written examination. For obtaining the grade of Pass with distinction, it is required in addition to pass the oral exam. This is only offered to students who passed the written examination with a sufficiently high score.

Course Literature

  • Jan-Fredrik Olsen, Lecture Notes in One Variable Analysis for Scientists, 2016, provided by the department.
    1. Sasane, The How and Why of One Variable Calculus, Wiley 2015, Link to e-book. (complementary reading)
    1. Spivak, Calculus, 4th Edition, Publish or Perish 2008 (complementary reading)
  • T.W. Körner, A Companion to Analysis, Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Volume 62, American Mathematical Society 2004 (complementary reading)
  • Robert A. Adams, Christopher Essex, Calculus, A Complete Course, 8th edition, 2013, ISBN: 9780321781079. (complementary reading)

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NF Code: MATA21
Level:Basic Level
Language:May be given in English

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