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     Applixware is a product similar  to Microsoft office. Our departments have jointly bought a floating license  for 6 Words licenses, 3 spreadsheets licenses and 1 filter license. The package runs properly on all our Sparc Station 4 & 5 and Digital computers

The package includes

      Words, a word processor for creating text documents using advanced
                     hypertext tools.
       Graphics,  a program for drawing objects

       Spreadsheets, a program that allows you to  enter and manipulate
            numerical data, as well as to create charts.
       The filter,  is available within the 3 utilities. It is a gateway  between
             different word processors, graphical and spreadsheets  programs.

How to start the program?

       The program is started with the command:  office.
       The following menu will pop up

             Words        Graphics     Spreadsheet    

       Click on the icons to start the different programs
      Note, detailed help in hypertext format is available
                  within the package.

Color setup

         On some computers the color map needs to be set up manually.
        Follow  these steps to configure it.
        Step one
    Start applixware with the command  office
        Step two
Click on the flower icon on the top left of the initial menu.
           and choose  applixware preferences

        Step three
             Click on the icon color  and the following will pop up

            Step four
  Choose Standard Color Map  and enter  value: /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt

If you have any problem using our IT facilities, please feel
free to leave a message by clicking on my mail address.

James Hakim