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 Introduction. Homepage location & URL address  Initial homepage.


Every department have allocated space for their users on our WWW site. New users should contact the Web master(s) at their department to be given a location where they can create their home page.

Homepage location & URL address.

You can access your WWW directory from all unix computers at our site. Begin by logging in to the system and then issue the command: cd $your_html_shortcut/your_username . The following table illustrates the location of your WWW directory and the URL address others need to know to access your pages.


Home page location

URL address

Mathematical Statistics

or just

Faculty of Mathematics and
Natural Sciences

or just

Lund Institute of Technology

or just



  1. Georg Lindgren,department of Mathematical Statistics WWW directory is located in
    and Georg's URL address is

  2. Göran Wanby,Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science WWW directory is located in
    and Göran's URL address is

 Initial homepage.

The initial starting page is index.html  and is located at your WWW directory. This file is created by the department Web master(s) and consists of general information about you . You can change,add and even create several other pages at this location, but you should not delete the file index.html because other pages are already refering to it!! Finally, a good way to get started is to have a look at our page Creating your first WWW homepage and the examples from GNNpress(unix)/aolpress(Win 95/NT)

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