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It is easy to create your own homepage. A large number of WWW design packages and tutorials will help you achieve this task. We highly advise you to browse Pär Johannesson page. "HTML editing - Documentation " His page consists of a large collection of links to tutorials and tools.
This document describes the basic steps to edit and make available your first homepage. I assume that you have read the page "Local Information" and for simplicity throughout this document, you are user james and you are member of the department of Mathematical Statistics. Further more I have chosen the WWW design package gnnpress/aolpress to be my standard WWW editor.
Please note that this document will only give you a few tips on how to write good HTML pages!!  Tips are widely available on the net. Check the documentation page

Basic Steps

    For a Unix user.

  1. Connect to any Unix computer.
  2. Move to your WWW directory.

       cd  $mstathtml/james
  3. Make a copy of your homepage index.html
      cp index.html myindex.html
  4. View the page myindex.html with gnnpress
    gnnpress myindex.html
  5. Edit the page myindex.html with gnnpress
  6. Update your homepage index.html
      cp myindex.html index.html
  7. Make sure that everyone can read your files.
      chmod -R go+rx $mstathtml/james
  8. Test to see if your homepage works. For example in Netscape enter the following address

   For a PC user.

The steps are the same as above except you can create your pages directly on your PC using aolpress(gnnpress for WIN 95/NT).
Use a file transfer program to place your files in your WWW directory and then follow steps 1,6,7,8 from the previous paragraph.

If you have any problem using our IT facilities, please feel
free to leave a message by clicking on my mail address.

James Hakim