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   Post Office Protocol (POP) is designed to allow users from most platforms and from almost anywhere to get mail directly to there local computers.

POP server AND POP clients

The server  handles your authentication request and once cleared it transmits the mail packet to the  POP client on your workstation. Our POP server is installed on the Unix mail server

  The POP client is available on most of the mail programs for  PC's AND Macintosh. It allows a PC user to read or transfer mail to his PC at work or at home. Please note that messages read and stored previously on an other computer  may not be accessed  with this utility.

Setting up your POP mail client

 It is very easy to setup a POP client assuming you a have an account on our Unix server and a PPP/SLIP connection if you are at home. I recommend the use of Netscape (3.0 or higher) to access your mail and the documentation below will show you how to setup the POP mail client utility.

Step One
Start Netscape on your PC and drag down the mouse from the item menu Options to select the item Mail and News Preferences.

Step two

Click on Servers and the following menu will pop up.

Fill the form as shown above. Note POP3 user Name correspond to your unix username.

Step three

Click on identitity and the following menu will pop up.

Write in your name,your email address and your reply-to address. The Signature File is a text file that you can create somewhere on your hard disk to include some information about you. The file is appended to each mail message you send. You are now set to send and receive mail. To do so click on the item Window and select Netscape Mail.

If you have any problem using our IT facilities, please feel
free to leave a message by clicking on my mail address.

James Hakim