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Research Assistant in Mathematical Image Analysis.

Reference Number: 942

Information: Professors Kalle Åström, Tel. +4646-2224548 Email: Kalle
and Gunnar Sparr, tel +4646-2228528 Email:Gunnar

The appointee should carry out research in mathematical image analysis and cognitive vision. Cognitive vision is a research field between cognitive research and computer vision, in which one studies procedures for attention, observation, learning and concept formation. This is interdisciplinary research at the borderland between mathematics, machine learning, cognitive science and computer vision. The work will be carried out within the SSF-project VISCOS, which centers on machine learning and computer vision with applications to recognition of events and objects.

By participating in research, supervising and education at different levels, as well as in the general activities at the department, the appointee is expected to develop his ability to carry out research, his pedagogical skills and his administrative capabilities.

In choosing between applicants, special attential will be paid to demonstrated scientific ability and experience within the field of image analysis.

The university aims for a more equal distribution between the sexes in this kind of positions and consequently welcomes both female and male applicants.

Applications, quoting the reference number, should be made to the Lund Institute of Technology , and should be received by the University Registrar, Lund University, P.O. Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden, no later than 16 June 2003.

The application should be written in English. The applicant should submit:

1. A short written account for scientific and teaching activities. It should be made clear in this account, which particular activities the applicant considers to be of special relevance to the appointment. The account must be signed by the applicant. TWO copies.

2. An attested CV, with attested copies of certificates and other documents cited. TWO copies.

3. A list of the scientific publications cited. TWO copies.

4. Reprints or similar, of the scientific publications in paragraph 3. TWO copies.

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