Research Group

Analysis and Dynamics:

Pure and Applied


Members of the group

  1. Prof. Pavel Kurasov e-mail:, +46 (0)46 2224440.
  2. Prof. Mario Natiello e-mail:, +46 (0)46 2220919.
  3. Prof. Jörg Schmeling e-mail:, +46 (0)46 22 241 45
  4. Senior Lecturer Anders Holst e-mail:, +46 (0)46 2223405.
  5. Senior Lecturer Annemarie Luger e-mail:, +46 (0)46 2220553.
  6. Senior Lecturer Pelle Pettersson e-mail: , +46 (0)46 2228533 .
  7. Senior Lecturer Frank Wikström e-mail: , +46 (0)46 2228564 .
  8. Lecturer Tomas Persson e-mail:, +46 (0)46 2229863
  9. Lecturer Johan Nilsson e-mail:, +46 (0)46 2224758
  10. PostDoc Marlena Nowaczyk e-mail:, +46 (0)46 2224930
  11. PhD student David Färm e-mail:, +46 (0)46 2224758.

Our group joins together researcher from the Mathematical Center, Lund Univ. actively working in the following areas of mathematics


to be organized under the supervision of the research group

Mathematics towards Industry Weekend II , Mainz, October 8-10, 2009.

Spectral problems and related topics , Moscow, November 18-22, 2009.

Öresund seminar on Mathematical Analysis , together with Copenhagen Univ, Autumn, 2009.

Dynamics and PDE:s , Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm, Spring 2010.

Operator Theory, Analysis and Mathematical Physics - OTAMP2010 , Bedlewo, August 5-12, 2010.

Weekly Seminar

Our group established weekly seminar on dynamical systems and mathematical physics, which is running jointly with the departments of mathematical physics, statistics and automatic control under the name Oberseminar . Information about the seminar as well as abstracts of passed and forthcoming lectures can be found on the following web-page:

Education of PhD students

Our group is actively participating the educational programme Topics in Modern Mathematics and its Applications recently established at Mathematical Center, Lund Univ. In particular, the following courses for PhD and advanced graduate students are planned
  1. Population dynamics, 5 credits.
  2. Nevanlinna functions and spectral theory, 5 credits.
  3. Analytic functions, 5 credits.

International cooperation

  1. Prof. A. Katok (Penn State, USA), Prof. Ya. Pesin (Penn State, USA) cooperation on non-uniformly hyperbolic systems (Pesin Theory) and general smooth dynamical systems, in particular the interplay of geometry and measure theory
  2. Prof. F. Ledrappier (Paris, France), Prof. S. Troubetzkoy (Marseille, France) cooperation on local properties of invariant measures
  3. Prof. B. Hasselblatt (Tufts, USA) cooperation on the regularity of invariant measures
  4. Prof. M. Ni-col (Surrey, UK), Prof. K. Burns (Northwestern, USA) cooperation on partial hyperbolic systems, in particular in constructing non-volume-preserving stable ergodic attractors
  5. Prof. V. Afraimovich (Mexico), Prof. E. Ugalde (Mexico), J. Urias (Mexico) cooperation on return time statistics and the connection to dimension theory
  6. Prof. H.G. Bothe (Berlin, Germany) cooperation on geometric aspects of dynamical systems
  7. Prof. R. Winkler (Vienna, Austria), Prof. M. Goldstern (Vienna, Austria) cooperation on Monte--Carlo--methods arising from dynamical systems \bigskip
  8. Prof. S. Troubetzkoy (Marseille, France) cooperation on non--hyperbolic systems, billiards, interval translation maps and non--invertible systems with singularities
  9. Prof. L. Barreira (Lisbon, Portugal) cooperation on multifractal analysis
  10. Prof. Ai-Hua Fan (Amiens, France), Prof. B. Saussol (Amiens, France) cooperation on multifractal analysis, multiperiodic functions and applications to number theory and harmonic analysis
  11. Prof. B. Kra (Penn State) cooperation on ergodic theory and connections to number theory and on circle diffeomorphisms
  12. Prof. S.Albeverio, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Bonn cooperation on singular aspects of operator theory and exactly solvable models
  13. Prof. S.Naboko, Dept. of Math. Phys., St.Petersburg Univ. cooperation on spectral theory of self-adjoint operators, in particular spectral theory of matrix pseudodifferential operators
  14. Prof. S.T.Kuroda and Dr. K.Watanabe, Gakushuin Univ., Tokyo cooperation on operator theory, scattering theory and supersingular perturbations
  15. Prof. B.Pavlov, The Univ. of Auckland cooperation on the theory of self-adjoint operators, especially in applications to the theory of low-dimensional and complex systems
  16. Prof. J.Janas, Institute of Mathematics, Krakow, cooperation on spectral theory of Toeplitz operators
  17. Prof. H. Solari, Univ. of Buenos Aires cooperation on Population Dynamics and Stochastic models
  18. Prof. Ale Jan Homburg, Amsterdam cooperation on Bifurcation Theory
  19. Prof. Heinz Langer, Wien cooperation on Generalized Nevenlinna Functions
  20. Prof. Leszek Sirko, Warszawa cooperation on Quantum Graphs
  21. Prof. Vadim Kostrykin, Mainz cooperation on Quantum Graphs